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Welcome to our uPVC windows and doors website. This is the best place to look for information on both uPVC windows and uPVC doors. Our long term plan is to become the leading site for these subject without actually selling them – we are looking forward to become the place where people will come to look for independent information before going to a store and buy these products.

uPVC windows and doors general information

uPVC stands for Un-plasticised polyvinyl chloride. It is an extremely durable and versatile material and that makes it almost perfect for windows and doors. Because of the excellent durability the purchase is really a very long term investment and because of the low maintenance you won’t spent all that much time for the upkeep.
Some time ago only white uPVC windows and doors were available and this is why many people didn’t decide to buy it. Now they come in all shapes and sizes so you can really choose the right windows and right doors to suit into your house or apartment and it does not even matter whether your home is more traditional looking or perhaps in generally more contemporary design. The times when these windows and doors were only available in white are over, although it seems people still prefer this colour despite the wide colours choice the manufacturers have to offer.

uPVC Windows and DoorsThere are several types of uPVC windows and also other window related products, such as uPVC sash windows, or the more and more popular uPVC conservatory. There are several versions of these windows that differ mostly according to the number of glazing layers. Single glazed ones were popular before the double glazed uPVC windows were first introduced, but now it seems that the era of triple glazed ones are coming. Experts have different views on this issue as we already established in one of our articles.

uPVC windows and doors are the trend for the future

In the last few years the sales of new uPVC windows and doors have sky-rocketed. More and more people decide to go with this material when they are building a new house or just redecorating an older one. This is exactly why we set up this site. We hope you will enjoy it and more importantly find some useful information, suggestions and pointers on the subject of uPVC windows and doors. We also provide information on doors and windows made of other materials, but to be honest, we believe uPVC is the best material at the moment and the website is mostly dedicated to it. We simply feel, that no other material can compete with all the advantages that are also accompanied by very affordable prices. Considering that the maintenance of uPVC doors and windows is also quite simple and takes very little of your time, they are certainly the best choice currently.

Get proper information about uPVC doors and windows before ordering

In one of our articles we also discuss about the importance of gathering the proper data about the manufacturers, suppliers and installers of doors and windows. We mention the fact that once you have them installed, you are probably not going to replace them for many years to come, so the importance of a proper research is of the utmost importance. It is more reasonable for you to wait for a week or a month before ordering anything, if you think you need that much time to get familiar with the subject. Our website is a great start, but have a look at some others too, especially those that belong to the suppliers. Or better yet, visit some home improvement forums and look for discussions about uPVC doors and windows and the experience people have with different manufacturers and suppliers. Considering it is in our nature to complain about problems, you are likely to find mostly people writing about their experience with poor suppliers, manufacturers and installers, but such reviews are useful pointers about who you should not hire to supply or install your doors and your windows. In any case, you should always plan such purchases ahead, so you have time to evaluate what exactly you need and how much you are willing to pay for it, but also to do a proper research about the companies you will need to involve.

uPVC WindowsIn future we plan to offer you more reviews and perhaps include some user-experience reviews . If you would like to share your experience you can use our contact form and send it, so we can publish it on our site. You can also send a question regarding upvc windows and doors and we will do our best to answer it, or get an expert opinion on it. Make sure you bookmark our site and return as often as possible. We promise to keep the website fresh and provide a steady flow of new articles and tips on this subject.

I really do hope you will be able to find the information about the doors and the windows here on our website, but as I already mentioned, you can always use our contact form and just send us the question you would like to have answered. We will do our best to provide you with a detailed answer written either by us, or by some other upvc expert.

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